Vanguard Global Aggregate Bond ETF GBP Hedged (Acc.) VAGS

This ETF tracks the performance of an index of corporate and government bonds. This fund reinvests dividends back into the fund. It also uses derivatives to hedge currency risk.

What is the difference between VAGS and VAGP?

I see VAGP on Vanguards own website, but not VAGS. Why?

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VAGP is the distributing version so it pays out dividends to shareholders as cash.

VAGS is accumulating so dividends are reinvested back into the fund rather than being paid to shareholders as cash.


Any ideas why there doesn’t seem to be any information about VAGS on Vanguard’s own website?

Useful! I notice the dividend yields are different, but the costs are the same :thinking: Presume that’s to cover additional transaction costs, but 15bps seems high. Unless anyone know otherwise…

VAGS 0.99% (accumulating)
VAGP 0.84% (distributing monthly)

@Freetrade_Team would it be possible to add ‘distributing monthly’ to VAGP’s description? It would help people get to the needed info faster when there’s 2 very similar funds

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