Vanguard Minimum Volatility ETF - VFMV

  • Advisor uses a rules-based quantitative model to evaluate U.S. common stocks.
  • Fund invests in stocks that together have the potential to generate lower volatility than the broad U.S. equity market.
  • The portfolio includes a diverse mix of stocks representing many different market capitalizations (large, mid, and small), market sectors, and industry groups.
  • Seeks long-term capital appreciation.
  • Typically, at least 80% of the fundโ€™s assets will be invested in securities issued by U.S. companies.

As with iPath S&P 500, this also seems like a US-based ETF. Do you know of any UK broker that offers VFMV?

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VMIN may be a more feasible alternative.

Iโ€™d reckon VMVL is actually your European version. VMIN looks Aussie so unlikely to meet pre-sale documention requirements.


Yeah, thatโ€™s the one I meant, I was half asleep on the bus and couldnโ€™t remember the ticker!