Veative Group Holdings plc - DEV - Share chat

Can you please add this to the freetrade platform? It’s gonna be next top stock. Can you do this ASSP?

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It’s not getting a lot of traction, but has the potential to be huge.

@Viktor is this one being lined up at all?

Yes, along with a lot of other stocks. :+1:


Educational technology company, a lot of positive chat about this company as we head into 2021

Seconded. This stock is beginning to pick up momentum. The EdTech sector I can see being a space with a lot of potential growth.

Be grateful if this can be added soon :grinning:

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Great to see this now added. Thanks :grinning:

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Why are orders being rejected on this?

Buys still being Rejected ?

Its been sorted now :+1:

Great to hear this good news just now. I have increased my stake on this basis. (Not investment advice)