Vitra Cash

Anyone invested in Vitra Cash through crowdcube. Been watching it the last week and looking for peoples thoughts.

Similar proposition to Curve except automatically chooses the card.


I was tempted but someone on here, somewhere, pointed out a flaw that damned it for me.

People who are most likely to engage with them and use their service are already the sort of people who know where the best deals are for various things.

That’s a really excellent point. Thanks for passing along!

It was a comment by @SebReitz to cite my source and so I don’t take the glory unfairly

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The other thing that really worries me about all of these financial companies… They all seem to want to have access to all your accounts, in the name of making your life simpler.

I can’t understand why anybody would want this. Why would you let some upstart banking app log into all your real banking accounts, and do whatever it likes with the data it finds there, or even worse siphoning off your money without you realising it.

Is it really so hard to just take the correct card when you’re going on holiday? Or to log into two bank accounts when you’re doing your finances, etc?

I’m with you on that 100%. For me one of the main reasons for having multiple accounts at multiple banks is the security of physical separation. If one password breach can expose all of your accounts then the risk is just unacceptable.

I completely disagree tbh.
My natwest account offers rewards and cashback at places like Hackett, Dropbox, Sunday Times, telegraph, m&m direct, uber eats, morrisons, Now Broadband, lakeland, Costa coffee and loads more
My Halifax offers rewards for shopping at argos, morrisons, domino’s, homebase, the body shop and so on.
Monzo probably do something weird as well.
Theses are changing almost on a monthly basis and I absolutely do not keep track of them.
My guess is that I’m definitely in the majority as well because I don’t know anybody that religiously keeps up with all of these.
A single card that has an algorithm that’s works this out for me is a cracking idea

I didn’t even know this was a thing! I think the app was actually just about choosing the right card for the country to save on FX fees etc., and my point was you should know exactly which of your accounts are good for use overseas and which charge horrifically, but I guess your way sounds like a useful example.

  • Credit card paying cashback on all purchases, not just a few retailers, and zero FX fee. This is used for 95% of my purchases.
  • Second credit card that pays more cashback but only at Amazon, so that’s the card on my Amazon account.
  • Main current account pays interest plus cashback on some direct debits.
  • Second and third current accounts pay interest on a small balance. These accounts hold exactly the interest bearing balance and are otherwise unused. They’re there as backup in case anything happens to my main account.

Zero maintenance effort.

The targeted rewards you get at specific retailers may be higher than my generic cashback amount but only if you actually shop at those retailers and spend more than a required amount. The spend requirements are clearly designed to get you to spend more money which defeats the point of the cashback.
I couldn’t find current benefits for either Natwest or Halifax but an old post on the MoneySavingExpert forum said you only get cashback at Argos if you spend more than £100. I can’t remember a single time when I’ve spent anywhere near that at Argos.

Did you just start a pitch deck for a Fintech? I think you might have done albeit accidentally.

An beautiful app that tell you where you type in the retailer and it spits out the best bank account, cash back site or scrapes for voucher codes. With revenue generated from referrals bonuses and merchant programs.

Crowdfund 4 times and make you and the co-founders wealthy before selling to Quidco for pennies on the pound and telling everyone about your successful exit!

I was interested at first but looking deeper into this I found Curve are already working on this.

They are a more mature company with lots of established partnerships and they are entering the us market in the near future.

They raised funds via crowdcube a few years ago too.

With the consideration of Curve, I didn’t see a point in investing in Vitra.