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Umm. When businesses are all about cost cutting … what does that say? To me it says: Big and bloated and/or unfocused. Very little room for growth.

I am far from an expert but reading this I think it makes a promising buy?

Opps just seen MZain already posted. It was hidden for me.

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Hi @Milly i don’t know what the above post by @MZain was hidden.

Welcome to the community :ocean: and thanks for sharing the article. I don’t know a huge deal about Vodafone as a investment but this looks to be good news for them.

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It’s an obvious copyright infraction. @MZain should have just posted the link/comment like @Milly did.

It would have been helpful to post the article but that’s not a violation of the community rules.

@neilb it is not simply a matter of “Community rules”. It is also a matter of UK law. All companies (should) know this. Also note there was no attribution (which compounds the legal problem).

Yes, FT does know this as FAQ - Freetrade Community has stuff under the headline Post only your own Stuff.

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Hi @Milly buying and selling stock on basis of individual news items is not normally considered to be good practice. Use it as a data point and weigh it up with other information you consider relevant. Of course, if you think this is a great company and this particular news pushes it for you then I am sure you will do what you need to do. Do note the last two paragraphs of the article you link to.

Crucially, this change isn’t unique to Vodafone, with CityFibre looking to provide a similar level of nationwide coverage to other ISPs.

The image was attributed at least. ‘Getty images’ is in the corner.


I couldn’t get what you wanted here! sorry, can you be specific please

I do think Vodafone has great potential especially on buying/mergers with others in the EU and I believe thats where the upside is.

With regards to discussions about buying THREE that will be a no go as when THREE tried merging with O2 it was blocked by the EU however the UK regulator at the time said if the EU approves it they would take action to block it as the UK regulator has made it clear they would block any deal taking network ownership from 4 networks to 3 networks so that ones a non starter.

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Ii bought in about 2 weeks ago and added more on the basis of the technical indicators - it’s a good dividend stock. It’s one of my ‘greens’ this week and currently +7%

Did we already know this?

Vodafone, Orange, Deutsche Telekom rise as they mull tower merger - Bloomberg

That’s great you made some money! Basically if you bought the stock much before June 2019 this has been a horrible stock to hold.

For some reason, talk of merging with 3 according to the press, resulted in a share price rise. This story is strange - I wonder how well it would go down in a Competition review. UK customers are unlikely to benefit from such a merger.

As for the Tower merger … to me sounds interesting. It could result in substantial cost savings I guess. It would be quite complicated - a separate company would have to be formed to run it. Vodafone sold a hefty chunky of its towers to another company (basically a spin-off) some years ago (don’t remember the details). So it is plausible that the share price could rise because of perceived costs savings and/or selling off assets. But don’t know … rumour rumour rumour.


Are you thinking of Vantage Towers?

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Ah, yah that’s the one!

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You are in the money @louiseDJ :slight_smile: We now see a proper jump. Share holder activism


I noted that too!

Hi all,

Just been doing a bit of research on Vodafone (£VOD) as the stock is at an all time low and the management has just cut dividends, which I believe in conjunction with the potential coming with 5G could prelude a time of siginifcant growth for the business and the share price.

What are peoples thoughts about Vodafone? Is it a steal at its current price, or a gamble?