Vote for Freetrade - British Banking Awards 2019

(Big Boss) #22

It was, it was. Could use another friendly reminder! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Viktor) #24

We’ll include it into the next newsletter, too, to kick off the year right. :fire:

Thanks for all the votes so far! :purple_heart:

(Alex Sherwood) #25

So the finalist of have just been announced :eyes:

And we’re in the running for:

Best Newcomer: Coconut, evestor, Freetrade, Marcus by Goldman Sachs, Mojo Mortgages & N26

Best Share Trading Platform: Freetrade & Hargreaves Lansdown

voting’s still open until 10th February. Thanks again to everyone who voted so far! :purple_heart:

(Big Boss) #26

Better win that Best Share Trading Platform! Would be gutted if HL took it! :pleading_face:

(Chris) #27

How is Marcus a newcomer? It’s Goldman Sachs :joy:

(Jim) #28

I’m obviously a big fan of what Freetrade but I honestly don’t think it deserves to be quoted in that category ( yet ). When Android / US shares / DRIP come maybe but not now.

(Emma) #29

Depends what criteria you use. If Android, US and Drip are more important to you than everything Freetrade offer then you won’t understand it

(Big Boss) #30

What @Rat_au_van said.

Also, I see that you’re an investor. Well, from an investor’s perspective, these awards means lots of eyeballs and healthy customer acquisition to grow that user base. As you’ve seen from Monzo, Revolut, and other fintech companies’ fund raising, high community and user numbers = big valuations.

I’m here to see Freetrade succeed. I’ll take nothing less.


I’m with @Jim_mcgrain here - as an investor, of course I want Freetrade to succeed but I for one am currently using HL as my preferred online investor and it does everything I want it to (desktop and app), except that it does not offer free trades.

Until I have my Freetrade ISA set up (on Android) and am able to purchase the investments I want to and can tell everyone about how great it is, there’s no comparison and only one deserving winner in my eyes right now.

In time however, I have no doubt that Freetrade will be a serious challenger.

(Ryan) #32

Saw Freetrade tweet about this earlier on. Just voted! :pray:

(Jim) #33

@weenie @Justin Two good responses :+1:


how much are you paying per trade at HL? there must be a lot of brokers who are cheaper. When I realised my broker was making several thousand per year out of me in fees it was enough for me to switch. those saved thousands can be used to buy more shares :slight_smile:


Four of the startups that I’ve invested in are finalists - Coconut, WiseAlpha, WeSwap. and Freetrade!

Coconut and Freetrade are both finalists in the Best Newcomer category so I’ll be happy whichever wins. :shamrock:


I pay £1.50 per purchase (via monthly regular direct debit investing). I don’t sell as I’m a buy and hold investor. The annual fee for my ISA is £45 as I only have ITs and ETFs.

I think that’s actually quite competitive but obviously won’t be when I want to sell, as it will cost £11.95 per trade.



How is the winner determined? :raising_hand_woman:

So far, Freetrade got 4.99/5 rating

99x5 stars
1x4 stars
Last review: Today


HL got 4.82/5 rating

18x 5 stars
4x4 stars
LAst review: 2 weeks ago

Do these stats matter? :face_with_monocle:


Straight from their Media Pack

(Emma) #40

“In general” is interesting. Does that mean they can change the threshold?


The media pack doesn’t expand on this, so maybe they don’t expect this to happen :sweat_smile:


Few hours left to vote! :crossed_fingers: