Vote for Freetrade - British Banking Awards 2019

(Emma) #1

You can vote for Freetrade at the British Banking Awards, online share trading category. You know you want to…


Voted! Thanks for sharing. I got an update from a certain company to vote for them on another category but didn’t get Freetrade’s. Would be better if they’ll email members so many others can vote too. Hope we win!

(Aris David) #3

I voted as well thanks for sharing.

(Emma) #4

That would be a bit spammy and things like that really put me off a company.

Maybe in the weekly wrap though?


I don’t think it’s a bit spammy since I don’t receive emails from them often actually and I love to hear updates no matter how little it is from companies I’ve invested in. Yeah, weekly wrap will do as well. I was just thinking about those members who don’t check the forum at all. Would miss their votes.

(Chris) #6

Voted, thanks for sharing this. Not sure how fair this award is though, I know the traditional players will always win big


@ytsruh A fintech I’ve invested in won the category for Best Travel Money Provider 2018 (WeSwap) so I guess too many of us voted when they sent the email to vote. :joy:

EDIT: Oh hang on, just realized that 2018 winners have already been awarded. I think this thread is for 2019? :face_with_monocle:

(Alex Sherwood) #9

It is, I’ve just updated the title, thanks!


Your idea was actioned… :e-mail:

So far a good showing… :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

(Vladislav Kozub) #11

I believe 100 votes are necessary (at least that was the case for that banking award).


Necessary to be considered or to win something?

Also, anyone know the cutoff date for such reviews?

(Emma) #13

And if you leave a review you get entered into a draw to win £1000. Should have led with that really on the first post…

(Vladislav Kozub) #14

I’m not quite sure, but how he number just rings the bell. Son don’t take my word for it :grimacing:


@Diversify Cool. Hope Freetrade gets the votes it deserves! Keep the votes coming. :clap:


Hopefully I’ll get the Android app before 10th Feb so I can vote! :smile:


I’m on android too but voted anyway. :joy: I just based it as to what Freetrade offers. I’ve voted for all the start-ups I’ve invested in to support. :crazy_face:


Reviews have settled down over holiday period but Freetrade is the clear leader by a long way in its category🥇:


Because you bumped this thread, somebody saw it and left a review that makes it 83. :+1: It just really needs a campaign to make users aware about this and have a chance to win. :bookmark:

(Big Boss) #20

Cc’ing @alex.s and @Viktor although I know they are both on the case!

(Emma) #21

It was in the Christmas wrap email