Weekly Wrap 17/08/18


(At time of 17/08/18 this was) Fresh off the presses, everyone!

(Danny Jeremiah) #2

If Freetrade socks aren’t dress-code for the launch party I’m going to be very upset!

(Chris) #3

Can I get confirmation on sock sizes available please?


@Chris The survey said: Small and Large

Not sure what that means, maybe Small is up to Size 7?

(Chris) #5

I’m more hoping they’re generous on large than small. I have organic skis at the bottom of my legs.

(Rob Sexton) #6

I sympathise @Chris , but don’t worry, I’ve already made it clear to @Toby how unimpressed I’ll be if the large socks don’t fit proper sized feet!


Is this the crystal ball weekly wrap?

(Alex Sherwood) #8

Here’s the news we’ve all been waiting for - I can now officially confirm that the socks will stretch to size 14 feet :tada:

(Emma) #9

Unless time travel is a thing now, I think the thread title needs a little edit :thinking:


Duly noted :slight_smile:

(Chris) #11

Outstanding news. A great relief to those of us afflicted with Oswald Cobblepot Foot Syndrome.


Ahem! :point_up_2: