Xmas Socks are here!


We’ve laid down a few hints that the beloved Freetrade socks would be coming back in Christmas form. :christmas_tree:

They’ve arrived and they are awesome. It’s a limited edition, so we only have 500 pairs. To distribute them, we’re selling the socks on our site here.

We’re donating all the revenue raised to Spitalfields Crypt Trust - a homeless shelter and charity near our offices.

(Emma) #2

It’s adding on £10 for shipping. How heavy are these socks? :thinking:


Thanks Emma! We just changed that. Free shipping for all.

(James Wheatley) #4

What are the difference in sizing (Small vs Regular)? Also, adding small to the shopping cart reverts the size to Regular?

(Emma) #5

It’s working now, just ordered the small :grin:

(James Wheatley) #6

Confirmed! All fixed and socks ordered :smiley:

P.S. Told Monzo to improve the logo on purchases for Freetrade, can’t believe they didn’t have the logo already!

(Emma) #7

So have I :grin:

It’s only been bank transfers so far so they’ve never needed it

(James Wheatley) #8

haha they are on the ball today, changed already :wink:

(Chris) #9

How big are regular? I’m a size 14. Would they fit ok?

I’m going to assume this answer is applicable

(Alex Sherwood) #10

Yes the socks are from the same manufacturer, it’s just a different design :slight_smile:

(Chris) #11

Good job. I’d already ordered.

(Tony) #12

Couldn’t resist. Xmas gift for me!


Great stuff. Ordered :wink:

(Emma) #14

look what arrived :eyes:

(Tony) #15

You just prompted me to check the post and mine are here too! Well now I know which socks I’m wearing on Christmas Day!

(Chris) #16

(Big Boss) #17

Nothing in my post! :sob:


And I only just messaged (last night) Toby seeing if there had been any delays and mine arrived today too :slight_smile:


Received my pair :socks: too and will be entering 2019 with them on my feet :footprints: Hope all stock has or will sell out soon as it’s a worthy cause.

I must say it’s admirable that Freetrade has already taken on an initiative of Corporate Social Responsibility and involved customers in doing a good deed for the community. Long may this continue as the company grows.


Just received the above email. Where do I need to resend funds to? Would hate to see the charity losing out.