What do the likes of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, etc. invest in?

Hello all, I was wondering and this is going to be another noobie question, but what do some of the richest people invest in? Is that public knowledge or is it all kept private? as, if Bill gates is investing in something then it could be a good guide on who and when to invest in a company. Cheers!

Bill Gates has mostly non-profit investments/charity outside of his big microsoft chunk.
Elon Musk/ Jeff Bezos have their own companies to invest in, e.g. spacex or blue origin.

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When you get to that type of wealth and you are so passionate to pursue businesses, you won’t sit down and look for good stocks on the stock market :smiley: These people build businesses with the cash they have. Far better investment than 99% of stocks they could invest in. Not to mention, they bring humanity forward. This is why I’m a Tesla investor. The passion and courage combined with the knowledge of Elon Musk, you just know that that guy will become homeless before his business goes bust.


There are a few interesting YouTube videos that go into this kind of thing:

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Thing with the likes of Elon musk and I imagine Jeff bezos is how much free cash do they actually have to invest?

Elons net worth is apparently around 20 billion, but I would imagine a large portion of that is hold up in the various companies he runs. In the end he doesn’t have 20 billion in cash, it’s locked up in company ownership, compensation for being the Tesla ceo is apparently linked to a future share price.

For example apparently he gets paid nothing from Tesla until it reaches $100 billion market cap. The rest of his money is in spacex and boring etc. And according to a 2019 article he’s actually low on free spendable cash, maybe from starting a drilling company :joy:

But that’s how they get their money, they make a business that’s successful. For Elon it was PayPal I believe which he got a significant portion of money from selling. That money was technically invested into spacex, Tesla, boring, and the other companies he has.

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Found this:

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A number of the richest people have their own funds with websites where they’ll let you know what they buy. Or they just invest through the companies they run.

Bill Gates has shareholdings in lots of things through Cascade Investment and Breakthrough Energy.

Jeff Bezos also has a fund, and obviously has some well known purchases like the Washington Post. And he has bought into the likes of Uber, Twitter and Plenty (vertical farming). You can also see what he wants to put money into by looking at what Amazon is buying - stakes in Deliveroo and Rivian for example.

Don’t forget people like this can take risks normal people can’t afford. They can throw millions at something and not be significantly financially damaged. So just because they’re investing it things, we shouldn’t all be following. But it’s nice they’re willing to fund such early stage things. See the Vision Fund for example. The writedown of WeWork is huge, but Masayoshi Son is loaded so he’ll be ok.

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is this a reply to an individual reply or to all? Guess we shall find out hah. Thank you for everyone replying, it’s been to great to get some insight. One of the reasons why I’m interested in seeing what these people are investing in is to possibly see what the next big thing might be me get in early ( is that how it works in investing? I’m really new to all this haha) it’s a bit like being able to invest in amazon or Microsoft just as they was starting up and seeing the companies grow to what they are now would be amazing, so the idea was to see what some of the best entrepreneurs are looking into and kind taking there advise, but as stated in one of the comments, these people have the money to spend and not really care if it goes south, I mean what’s a few million to the likes of Bill gates haha. Whilst looking online earlier I came across some infographics, that actually surprised me what Bill gates and Jeff bezos owns. Still keep the comments coming, it’s great to read people’s thoughts and see what they are investing or might invest in.

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Thank you for replying and I think you’re right there, they have the money to easily take high risks without really the fear of losing it, but like you say it’s great to see them invest in companies that might otherwise struggle. Cheers!

Cheers I’ll take a look at that!

Gates owns waste management, crown castle and Berkshire Hathaway as well