What is your favourite Ishares ETF and why?

New to the stock market and having made my “newbie” mistakes I’m looking at holding my money in ETF’s. I have put some in Global Clean Energy which seems to be a long hold from the great advice on here. Are there any others people would recommend both from a long and short hold position? I like the look of Robotics as well. Only have a basic account so Ishares seem to be the main area to invest.


iShares Edge MSCI World Value Factor (IWFV)

This factor is in many ways an embodiment of Buffet’s “act greedy when others are fearful” as it picks up the stocks that are shunned by investors.

While there has been a view that the value factor premium died in 2009 I tend to believe that going forward, long term there will continue to be a premium associated with value.

One of the many discussions on the topic:

Global Clean Energy by miles. I feel as though I’m taking part in something beneficial to the world and I’m also the kind of person that would/could never invest in BAE, weapons companies, etc

Don’t listen to me though, I am an idiot and I couldn’t name any other iShares funds except the robotics one.


They have a China MSCI index ETF too if you’re of a mind that emerging markets and Asia are set to boom.

I feel like I have read this perspective so many times over the last few months. The FT recently interviewed several fund managers who almost to a person said China/emerging markets is where they are looking.

They also have an MSCI Emerging Markets. I’d always go for that one over the China one for additional diversification.

The Robotics one had the best return for me so far. Followed by the World Small Cap one. Both I will hold indefinitely.


Or even IFFF which is Far East ex Japan. If you prefer exposure to China + S Korea but not other emerging markets like India or Brazil. Quite pricey though for a passive ETF

My favourite iShares ETF is Healthcare Innovation.

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I also have a position in the robotics ETF, brother!


INRG iShares Global Clean Energy ETF (INRG) - Share Chat

If for no other reason than its my biggest iShares ETF, in fact its my only iShares ETF :smile: