What kind of investments do you focus on?

Just curious what kind of focuses people have?

I’ve been quite interested in the potential of trusts for long term investments and their ability to be more easily exposed to unlisted companies.

Is a broad passive index the best thing since sliced bread? Or do people believe there are better ways to direct their money?

Mostly (60%) passive ETFs, global with a slight tilt towards Value, Small Cap

A sizeable amount (25%) of semiconductor companies I like (AMD, TSMC, ASML) as I follow the sector fairly closely

The rest is a mix of other long (tech, e-commerce, materials) and short term bets (GGP, EV SPACs) the occasional options plays.

I don’t judge my chances to pick a fund manager that will outperform the market to be materially better than my chances of picking stocks that will outperform the market, so I don’t really buy in to active management. There are lots of private companies I’d love to be able to invest in but I’m not a fan of PE funds.


That puts an interesting personality on how you invest i recon. Is it purely because you follow and understand the industry more that you have some focus on it?

Yeah I follow it even outside of an investing context just
as a nerdy hobby / interest. I just think hardware design and fabrication are really neat and a modern logic chip probably represents the most advanced technology mankind has created, which makes it interesting. Also because of this extreme complexity there are a lot of natural moats around the companies involved so information does becomes relevant to investing.

Everyone will have sectors/companies they know from their interests / professionally and will be able to see the events unfolding (and the beneficiaries of them) that will have a huge impact (e.g. EUV lithography) before capital markets fully appreciate them.

I can’t buy financials so semiconductors is a second best for me in terms of what I know.

I like futorology and find a lot of stocks boring. Prefer to focus on space, AI, 3D printing, blockchain, EVs, fake meat, software etc. I have an appetite for high risk plays though, maybe in time I will balance it out with safer options.

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