What’s your Target Portfolio Value?

I’d definitely recommend a combo of SIPP (tax refund up front) and ISA (flexible, accessible, no tax).


This thread is so depressing. I wish I could have the same targets


Everyone has different circumstances, no point worrying about it :grin:


£1m in 15 years (will be 45) but I don’t plan to retire then so it’s not compulsory

Hi all, first post so thought I should start with a hello. Great to read about everyone’s goals and plans. I am 38 and started investing two years ago with £75k. My portfolio is now worth £520k thanks to a very fortunate call on AIM. It can happen! I am not one for small percentages, I am invested mostly in the energy transition and I believe that will continue to deliver great returns due to necessity. I don’t have a final goal but I’d like to hit 7 figures and then review. All the best to everyone.


What was the AIM stock you bought? Great return


What is your evidence of this?

What is the best way to diversify?

-i.e. how do you diversify into infrastrucutre or commodities?

It is hard to achieve this just using the Freetrade platform (although this problem might lessen over time). There are real estate funds (which track the value of residential and commercial property). Gold is also one of those things which people are quick to talk down but can comprise a key part of your portfolio. The main thing is to have investments which continue to tick over even during a downturn. Infrastructure, such as toll roads, can actually see its use go up during a downturn as more people drive (i.e. to second jobs).

Sorry I cannot remember the research report I was reading it in. It probably won’t get that bad. The researchers simply extrapolated the current rate of listings versus delistings. The point of the paper was that Stock Exchanges are becoming less important as companies are able to get private funding relatively easily these days (think of Uber being able to find itself for years without the need for an IPO). However, we are in the middle of a very long bull run characterised by cheap money so this may not last.

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Have you been saving all your working life? Or expecting to get £1m within just 15 years? Interested to hear what sort of job you work for that. I know that my current salary would never allow me to have that much saved.I know that I will be able to increase that greatly throughout my next 10 years of work though :slight_smile:

Age could be a factor. If i had access to FT at the age of 20, when i could save A LOT, I could be looking at £50k+ But being a mid 30’s with a mortgage and child, I know i wont.


What would you personally look at that is on the freetrade platform?

Thanks, the stock that has delivered the majority is Bushveld Minerals. I was very fortunate to find it below 3p and have made around 15 successful trades along the way to increase my holding on the dips. Atb

Have you considered taking any profit off the table?

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I have taken my original stake out along the way fully. Withdrawals have paid for a new car, multiple holidays and home renovations, not least a basement conversion and kitchen renovation along the way. I also keep taking six figure blocks out on the basis that if the share price drops a reasonable amount it goes back in at a lower price and I keep the profit or if the share price stays higher that money is out for good. That way I feel I am always protecting my gains and continually averaging down. My entire holding is basically a free carry now.


What convinced you to go in at 3p? How many other companies did you pick around that time? Did you average out in a normal way with those (some minor losses, some minor gains), and Bushveld was just a lucky pick? Or had you predicted the potential for a 1000% gain with Bushveld and put most of your money there?

Definitely the latter. I had a decent chunk of money over and above my general savings and I saw it as a chance to go big. There were 3 main reasons why I went in so heavily. 1. Bushveld had announced but had not yet completed on a transformational acquisition. 2. I believed that the acquisition was at the bottom of a commodity cycle - which proved to be correct and 3. The quality of the CEO. I bought a few smaller amounts in other shares but at least 90% went into Bushveld. It definitely was risky but has so far paid off.


There are index funds/ETFs covering 2 of those (property & commodities)

Yes, even before. Saved as a child (pocket money -> car washing -> paper round) then blew most of it on an xbox after I fell in love with Buffy The Vampire Slayer & wanted the game :smiley:

A combination? Right now I have £60k in investments and will add another £20kish this year as regular savers vest. My plan is to move to Switzerland either late this year or late next year where the salaries & me living frugally should make it comfortable to achieve. Working as a software developer

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