Pension IDEAS

Hey guys, ive got an old 5.5K pension that i need to do something with (either migrate to my current or something else) I dont really know much about SIPP, so thought i would ask here.
What kind of investing ideas are there for pensions?

You posted in the wrong section of the forum. Every part of the forum is ideas related. The ideas section is specifically for suggestions for Freetrades products. Features and such.

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Freetrade’s SIPP is fairly costly for only 5.5k invested. The basic rate of 120£ a year would be a cost of higher than 2% per year, which is roughly 4 times as much as aviva or other pension provider want.

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True, but if you get Plus it is only £7 and if you plan to use further it soon becomes very cheap. I did the same with a small pension to try here but was happy with the cost as I knew I would only be adding. :+1: and I have already made more in 6 months than 2 years with L&G. So if you want to play the markets and be involved then it is definitely worth moving.