What to do?

With many experts talking of bank collapses and buy ins. Where is the safest place for our money right now?

Gold silver
Gambling websites.

Let’s start with buy ins. So if a bank collapses they may use your money and give you shares in the collapsed bank. Yippee. They did it in Cyprus a few years ago

Gambling websites, so I basically mean transfer 1000£ into different companies like betfair and bet365. If the banks collapse surely they will be safe or wil they use the same banks and so that won’t work?

Crypto- not for me as the big boys can move around crypto way too easily

Stocks - but all stocks could take a 50-80% hit.

Gold. Maybe safe but then how does that work if investing through Freetrade and banks collapse.

Long winded question but it’s been on my mind for a couple months and need to make a decision.


I know it’s a boring answer, but we can’t make this decision for you. You need to do your own research and make your own decisions. If you’re uncomfortable doing that, keep your money under your mattress. There’s some element of risk in all the things you’ve listed. No one truly knows the definitive answer to what you’re asking. If they did, there’d be no risk in investing and whatever was the right answer would essentially be a magic money tree.


If less than 85k you’re covered with a bank and fscs.

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Government bonds are widely considered to be low risk. Hence why US treasuries yields are often referred to as the “risk free return”.

That’s not strictly true because long expiry bonds carry interest rate risk (their value may fall as interest rates rise) and the don’t confer any protection from inflation.


Gold, lots of gold. Put it in chests and bury it. Write a map and then leave it hidden in an old book … 100 years later, some plucky young thing will find it in a musty attic and hilarity will ensue! (For them, not you, you will be dead - sorry)

But a more boring answer is if you are truly worried about banks collapsing then don’t have more than £85,000 in each separate institute (watch out for sub-banks that are actually part of bigger banks)

Putting it in gambling sites? I don’t think you have any protection at all in this case.

Stocks? Stocks are like waves, learn to ride them and don’t go out too deep and its lots of fun. Worried about the yo-yo effect then look at things like pound cost averaging.

Crypto is awesome if you love having root canal whilst riding on a rollercoaster.

But if you are truly truly worried about losing your money, stick it in premium bonds and an NS&I savings account. 100% guaranteed, unless the government collapses, in which case money means nothing anyway!


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