What's happening at rolls Royce?

Hello, I was wondering if anybody knows what’s happening at rolls Royce.

A large portion of their business (I dont know the exact %) is the manufacturing & sale of Jet engines. With plane demand so low the business has been badly effected.

Yesterday they requested a cash raise from shareholders (by issuing new shares) for about £2b and confirmed they did not expect to be cash flow positive until 2022. As they were already carrying about £5B of debt on their balance sheet I dont believe that raising further debt was even a possibility (but check this as I could easily be wrong!)

I’d do some more research as I only saw the summary articles and haven’t done any proper reading myself. However I would add that they have a very stable Defence business that I believe is doing quite well but is so far, unable to support the larger aerospace business.


I think I get it now. For every 3 shares you own in rolls Royce you can be 10 at a discounted price.

Yes that seems to be correct. The Rolls Royce website has a handy calculator built into it, they’ve done a really good job of it:

Civil aero went from about 80% of total turnover to very little, in the space of a few months

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Ok cool I’ll have a look. Thank you

Some refinancing and a rights issue.