When do you feel you have done enough research to buy a stock?

I’m curious, for the last stock that you bought, at what point did you decide to pull the trigger and actually buy it? When is enough research enough?

Do you enter with a small position, and then do more research after that, or put all the time in beforehand? Would love to know what other people do to feel confident in their investments!


If and when I like the name or if elon Musk buys it.

Edit: also, yolo


I just hit the buy button
Wether I do research or not the outcome is always the same … in the red :see_no_evil:
I’m coming to the conclusion the more I think about it the worse it gets
Most money I’ve made has been on impulse buys.
Go with the social hype :grin:


Yeah a great question, @benk

I can’t say there’s a specific amount of research I do. However I find there’s a sweet spot where you feel confident that the investment is one that is worth making, you have the money set aside to put in a meaningful investment (either in a lump sum or over time), and are comfortable that you won’t be carried away by any initial up/down swings.

I’m also a believer in having a degree of interest in the stock, whether it’s their industry, their ethos or your experience with the brand/company in the past.

But in the interests of carrying out research, I always take a look at the stock’s investors webpage, Simply Wall St, recent news articles, historic performance, consider the geography they operate in, as well as a bit of broader market insight too.


I tend to go with etfs and stocks that are dividend aristocrats,long term growth,increasing dividends,household names,thats my game,and it works for me,usually in the green,and yes i start small.

So you do your research on a stock, then you do some more research on a stock, then you look at the news and do some more research on a stock, then you go to Burger King & buy yourself a Burger (This Step can be miss if you fasting), then you do more research on s stock & when you think you did enough research then you do some more research.

Then once you done with your research - you just think “Allow it” & buy Vanguard ETF instead


Depends on how many :rocket: there are

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My research tends to be reaching its conclusion just as the share price rockets and I miss the boat :roll_eyes:


My strategy is forever evolving.

Research wise it tends to be from a variety of sources, mainly google newsfeed, twitter, proactive website and here. I read up on the company, visit the company website, look at their goals, see where they are at now and try to get a general feel of how the company is perceived.

I used to go all in and bought as many shares as i could.

These days it’s more of a initial investment that i feel comfortable with, a sizable amount of shares that if things take off then i don’t feel i’ve missed out but holding back a bit that if things go down i can top up and feel good about increasing my holding while averaging down.

I also tend to set a target of how many shares i want in total and then how many i would like to keep if my target is reached.

For example, say i like the look of something and would want 1000 shares. I try and get 1200 so that i can cream the 200 off the top and get something back if it does well but still have my 1000 that i initialy wanted intact.

While i’m still topping up funds where i can i’m trying to create a circular investment from my holdings without selling out completely of the companies i’m investing in.

Oh, and i also block all the derampers on twitter, as it’s quite off putting having a constant bombardment of sell X now as Y is about to explode. It’s so easy to get caught up in little micro moments when things shoot up and then straight back down because all the quick money people sold on the latest snippet of news.


Other than impulse buying , the other research I do … If the circle says Buy ! thats good enough for me
If its US stock stay with etoro… if UK stock come to FT :innocent:

on a side note… FT needs more insight/research tools


Why do you use e toro for US stocks and FT for UK out of interest?

Freetrades FX fee is way too high, I can fund my etoro account with US funds at the current £/$ exchange rate, no transaction charges incurred.
then only have to pay the etoro spread fees when I invest . every little saved helps :heart_eyes:


Same but also the more analyst opinions the better

I use Motley Fool. And then apply my own ethical filter after a bit more research. I leave gut instinct and impulse buys to those in the bookies.