Which app (if any!) would you have invested in over the last 10 years, given the opportunity - even in hindsight?

I was having a chat with a friend this evening about how I would never invest in the mobile app space. And by that mean, an app who focused primarily on App Store purchases or subscriptions for their primary source of income (so I’m not counting the likes of FT here)!

For me it just moves too quickly and is too prone to people suddenly switching to the new “shiny thing.” I think of the likes of Roam and Mule which took a ton of cash from investors and now are playing serious catch up.

Anyway, so quick question. Is there an app (iOS or Android) that you wish you had invested in? Either in terms of current availability or in hindsight.

Facebook in the beginning

What I wish about is not what I had “invested” in but rather that I wish didn’t buy the shares of some of the crappy companies that I did.

Cost me a fortune bruver.

But I learnt.

Fewer stocks and more indexing.