Which crowdfunding companies have you invested in?


Brewdog and Freetrade.

So the idea is to be sitting in a Brewdog pub, supping my favourite beer and executing a trade on the FT app! :smile:

(Luke Bebbington) #22

Crowdfunding is brilliant. Very impressed by the the UK for leading in this space - Tax breaks are also great for encouraging innovative investment in start up businesses.

It does however require some financial intelligence and I don’t think the platforms explain this enough. My advise to friends is that you won’t see your money for 10 years and expect half the companies to go bust. If you can’t live with that then you shouldn’t invest.

My portfolio includes

Cotswolds Distillery

I have a number of other smaller investments which are more for fun than serious investment.

(Jim) #23

Seven Bro7hers

Reached my CF investment limit so that’ll do me for now I think.


Interested to hear your thoughts on coconut? I invested early on in their CC campaign but are wondering if one of the bigger fintechs May swoop in…


Cocoon was a total loss. They ran out of money and the investors got zero consideration. I have a fair few of the same investments. As for HAV, I have continued to invest in them despite the unmasting etc. They are quietly progressing quite nicely and this latest round should be the last one open to private investors. Loaning them money to tide them over pending receipt of their insurance monies (since repaid with interest) gets me a 15% discount on the current raise. My average is well under the current share price and what with both the EU and UK awarding them Production Organisation Approvals, things are looking positive.


I’ve done a couple of hundred so won’t list them all, but the ones I’m excited about:

  • Freetrade (obviously) from round 1
  • Hectare (marketplace and paypal-type system for trading agribulks and livestock)
  • Aseptium (some get-everything-super-clean system for medical environments)
  • Brewdog in the 2013 round
  • Graphene Composites (as above)
  • WiseAlpha, Onedox, Chip, Plum, Dabbl (fintechs)
  • Noveltea, 808, Vita, Oksen (booze)
  • MacRebur (roads from waste plastic)
  • Seedrs

A few have failed, a few have been sold, lots have increased in value, and lots are zombies. Overall I’m happy.

(Andrew Clark) #27

Hi, this is Kokoon rather than Cocoon. Sleep headphones and going well. I think HAV will exit eventually too.


Ah, sorry. Thought it was a typo!

(Chris) #29

Tandem :grimacing:
Freetrade :tada:
Monzo :tada:

Tried to get in on monzo early but was unsuccessful.
Wish I’d known about Freetrade on earlier rounds

Tandem. Well. Yeah.


I have around 80 from 2016, 1 company sold and shareholders are yet to get anything (Flexifoot) , and 1 company may be winding up due to the ill health of the founder.

I have some awesome ones which have multiplied in value (£500 plus) and have taken a lot of small punts £10-50) which don’t seem to be doing much. Luckily most of my larger investments look great. : - Graphene Composites (2nd &4th rounds) Hectare (all rounds) , The Cheeky Panda, macRebur ( both rounds) Aseptium (both rounds) YellowDog, Seedrs, Zazu, Cauli Rice,Wisealpha, City Falcon Freetrade

I made a small investment in Oppos convertible and they offered 1.5 x return, which I refused as I’d like to see where the journey takes me (if anywhere).

Those I’m unsure where they are going : lightvert, Hurree, The Surrey Cook, Wriggle.

(Alex Sherwood) #31

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(Elliott Shreeves) #32

Go Henry
Mr & Mrs Smith
Recycling Technologies
Zing Zing
The Vurger Co
Mindful Chef

Also a handful of breweries (more than likely bad investments but a bit of fun)

(Graeme Blackwood) #33


Coconut (replacing accountants and book-keepers is a massive opportunity if they get the UX right)

Recycling Technologies – if they can deliver, and achieve government contracts, they could succeed. Their product looks promising.

Thread – they make clothes shopping way easier. I didn’t put a lot in, but I have used and loved them for years. And the menswear market is so underserved, I think they have a chance.

The majority of crowdfund projects I see, I think “no way”, though.