Which S&P 500 for long term investing

Hello, I’m a pretty new investor and decided to go for a pound cost average strategy and long term investing. My plan is to invest in an S&P 500 UK ETF on a monthly basis but as there are many of them, I am not sure which one to go with.

I have been looking at the iShares ones, specifically CSP1 and GSPX. The price is massively different, though I suppose that really doesn’t matter much.

I think CSP1 actually looks better for the following reasons:

  1. Dividends are automatically reinvested - I thought this would lead to better performance because not everyone would otherwise reinvest their dividends but that might be flawed logic?

  2. Ongoing charges seem to be lower than GSPX

However, there are some weird differences in the performance of the two ETFs which is strange considering they’re both tracking the same thing as far as I understand it.

The 1 year growth for CSP1 is 18.3% whereas for GSPX it’s 24.8% and I’m unsure where the difference comes from.

Sorry for the long post, just looking for a recommendation as I’ll be in this for at least 10 years so want to make the right choice. If you think there is a better S&P 500 ETF out there, feel free to recommend that too.

And finally, are there any other things I should take into account when picking an ETF?


I posted about all the differences in SP500 ETFs
Given your strategy an Accumulating version makes sense.

Thank you! Would you say that hedging is not too important in the long run? Asking because it doesn’t look like CSP1 is hedged.