Fractional Shares Into S&P500

Hi, it’s my first time investing and I’m aware that S&P500 is a good index to begin.
However I am confused on how to buy fractional shares for S&P 500, in comparison to singular companies such as Amazon.
Also I’m confused as to which S&P500 is the correct one so to speak, as there are quite a few.

When you ‘but the s&p500’ what you’re at silly buying is an ETF that is designed to track it as closely as possible. Realistically there isn’t much to choose from other than Accumulating or Distributing. The former collects the dividends up and reinvests them (these funds are typically as little more to buy) or distributing which means they’re paid out.

If you don’t need an income from this then pick accumulating and then it’s personal preference which you choose.

ETFs can’t be bought as fractional, just as whole shares, to answer your other question.

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