Fraction Shares, ETFs, Compound Interest

The there, I’m super Interested in Investing long term into the S&P 500, I’ve only ever heard great things and have watched videos saying its as simple as putting like £100-200 away each month and let it grow for years to come.

I have two very simple questions.

How do I put £100 a month in if there are no fractional shares VUSA/VUAG? Do I look at it as I have £2000 invested? Or iown 7 shares?
If I have to keep paying more each month for shares im sortof just removing any gains each month by constantly paying a higher price if the price rises.

Lastly compound interest? It works on ETFs? It’s what seems so appealing.


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Until fractional UK shares are available you can only by whole shares in ETFs. However UK fractional shares are on Freetrade’s Radar. Good news is Freetrade do offer a wide range of S&P500 ETFs.

As for compounding, of course it still works! :partying_face: Below is a graph of if you invested £100 a month with 7% interests for 10 years.

You can have a mess around with the calculation here


If you’re not impressed by the above graph… try 30 years as holding period. Now try 40. 50… And if you are impressed with the above graph try it anyway.

That hockey stick is looking good isn’t it?!


Some good information here.
I tried this calculator at 7% for my pension pot.
I’d wish I’d known about etf’s sooner rather than keep an eye on individual stocks.


Thanks so much for this!

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Any updates on uk fractionals freetrade