Whitestone REIT (WSR)

Dividend Yield: 9.09%

REITs, by the way, are pools of money that allow individuals liquid access to real estate investments that wouldn’t otherwise be available to most retail investors. And a portfolio of mortgages is hardly the only way to develop a REIT.

Case in point: Whitestone REIT Whitestone owns a portfolio of consumer-oriented real estate, primarily in more affluent neighborhoods, [providing space to “ecommerce-resistant” companies like Whole Foods Market, Verizon (wireless phone service) and True Food Kitchen restaurants. It’s a brilliant strategy, as more than six straight years of uninterrupted quarterly year-over-year revenue growth verifies.

Whitestone’s trailing yield is 9.09%, which isn’t the highest among the monthly dividend stocks in focus, though it’s a solid return relative to the risk shareholders are assuming.