Regional REIT Ltd - RGL

Regional REIT Ltd, as the name suggests, is a real estate investment trust. It currently has 164 properties, mostly in the commercial space outside the M25, in the UK.

Lots of useful information can be found here.

Why is it interesting? Dividend yield the past 2 years has been over 7%, dividends have increased every year, and dividends have (just about) been covered by profits.

Freetrade offer at least 1 other REIT (FCPT), and while it seems be more established and “reliable” (it has always paid out the exact same dividend, and cover has been over 3), it’s dividend yield is less than 5%. On the other hand, it is currently selling at a large discount to NAV, while RGL sells at a premium.

If offered, be aware that dividends from REITs are taxed like rental property income, so you don’t get any allowance, and could be taxed at the full 40% depending on your circumstances: you’re definitely going to want this wrapped in the Freetrade ISA.