Why is £FWRG listed in GBP?

£FWRG Invesco FTSE All-World Global ETF is shown on Freetrade as being in GBP but the kiid (and Invesco website) show the base currency is USD. How come FT show it in GBP and have no FX costs? Surely there must be an FX somewhere?

I guess is cause it is an UCITS, as an Uk/European investor you are allowed to invest only in those kind of ETF.

For example you can invest in VUSA (UCITS) and non in VOO (S&P 500 ETF)

UCITS: are basically “copies” of those ETF listed in the USA stock markets made available for non USA investors

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Thanks Dani

I believe FWRG is a GBP denominated version of FWRA

ETFs will often have multiple tickers for different currencies

If you look at the fund page you’ll see it has several tickers on several exchanges with different currencies



Cheers Eden, I hadn’t scrolled far enough

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