Why so bearish?

Both gold, gold producers, VUSA and global clean energy have been bearish during the last 2-3 days. Why?
It looks so strange…
How can I build a good diversified portfolio?

First lesson is to not check every day. It’s just random movement. Apply longer time horizons.


Understood, but how can I know if they will be still profitable?
It happened for the first time since Oct '18.

Analyse their p&l statement and balance sheet. But you can never be sure, otherwise everybody would get rich easily :wink:


Waiting on the Fed bro :ok_hand:t3:

Listen to Seb.

Also if you do not know how to build a diverse portfolio do as Buffet advises and just dump it all into the S&P 500

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By the end of September the professionals had generated £497 of profit compared with £292 managed by Orlando. But an unexpected turnaround in the final quarter has resulted in the cat’s portfolio increasing by an average of 4.2% to end the year at £5,542.60, compared with the professionals’ £5,176.60.

The result indicates that the “random walk hypothesis”, popularised in economist Burton Malkiel’s book A Random Walk Down Wall Street , is perhaps truer than we thought. Burkiel’s book explores the idea that share prices move completely at random, making stock markets entirely unpredictable.


People buy gold as a hedge when there is uncertainty in the markets. Right now there is a lot of good news, trade talks are back on USA and China are making positive statements. Employement numbers are good and consumer sentiment is still high. You then also have the fed who are very likely to lower interest rates which is good for equities.


LOL love this

My entire portfolio is up over 5% in the last 7 days keep the good news coming.

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Up the Reds!! :slight_smile:

Just wait for Trump to want his kids to make another $100m and he will tweet a few disasters for the market and we’ll all see a fun two weeks misery.

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Same Drew had everything green yesterday except for 1 which was down 0.5%.

Please trump don’t tweet :sob:

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