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Anyone else nervous for the us stock market to open today, my uk ones have done well this week but the us ones have completely killed me

I think we could see quite a volatile day today and rest of the week with the increased margin requirements coming into effect yesterday (SR-NSCC-2021-005)

What does that mean exactly? I seen the retail industry is down 1.1% due to fear of delta variant

I thought we’d switched fears to Afghanistan now? Not taking aim at you there at all. Whatever narrative best covers up the real issues… US Debt Ceiling and enormously massive derivatives exposure by some of the biggest banks/HF’s may come crashing down soon. I won’t even mention naked shorts but for whichever of the above reasons a slew of new rules and requirements have been put into effect recently, the increase to margin deposits ($250k) being just the latest.

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and whilst $250k isn’t a lot to most of these guys some have thousands of shell companies which each need to be covered individually with $250k. Another domino on the way to collapse, maybe.

Palantir Buys Gold Bars as Hedge Against ‘Black Swan Event’

I’ve seen palantir talked about alot on here i’m going to see what they are about


They know and have access to a LOT of info we wouldn’t ever see. If they see something coming such as a so called ‘Black Swan Event’ it really makes me wonder what’s ahead.

A black swan is an unpredictable event that is beyond what is normally expected of a situation and has potentially severe consequences. Black swan events are characterized by their extreme rarity, severe impact, and the widespread insistence they were obvious in hindsight

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Well they seem to be right for sure, do you have any palantir shares in your portfolio?

I don’t but when this all blows over they will be added as a long term hold. They were never a ‘meme’ stock imo.

These fluctuations are minor wobbles near the top of a massive bubble in US equities IMO. If you are nervous about US equities you could look at other markets which are not at their peak (Emerging Markets indexes, World Indexes (though world indexes are pretty heavily weighted toward US)).

This is quite a good podcast about current prices from a well-respected investor, worth a listen IMO:

I liked this one too to read during the inevitable bear market which follows a downturn:


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