Will there be more ETFs?

Will there be more etfs added onto FT later on? Also I was wondering if there will be more info on ETFs in a later update. Like if they pay dividends; monthly, quarterly or bi-anually (I think that’s how its spelt :thinking:)

Here’s hoping! :crossed_fingers:

Which ones are you looking forward to?

The Global X ETFs and hopefully the Vaneck Fallen Angel ETF.

Do they both have KID/KIID?

Oh actually nevermind, they are Bonds :disappointed:. I was looking to see if theres monthly ETFs but I dont think I can find any at the moment. That sucks

If it’s a monthly payout you’re after it might be worth having a look at the quarterly dividend payers and structuring them so they all pay on different days. You could always use SEMB or similar to compliment them.

I’ve posted this before but here’s the latest version of how I have the dividend side of my portfolio. I should get a decent payout every month.

I’ve only been tracking it a month and a bit so, the totals aren’t so exciting!


Id like to see something like a Battery production ETF. With the increase in auto manufacturers taking on the likes of Tesla. I see the production of batteries and the like increasing a lot over the next years.


Still no more ETF’s in today’s new stocks.

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yup!! I looked at that one

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Looks like you could pick it up now on DeGiro
Not free, but cheap

Would be nice to see an ETF focused on Biotechnology. iShares perhaps?


Firstly, welcome to the forum :wave:

You might like to vote for this Nasdaq Biotech ETF.

Also some others here:

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