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Ticker: KLWD
Name: WisdomTree Cloud Computing UCITS ETF - USD Acc (GBP)

Apparently the worlds #1 growth ETF!!!

Now this ETF right here has amazing growth potential. In a post-rona world, cloud computing is quickly taking the centre stage in our new ways of working and the “new normal”.

Here are the top holdings (need I say more?!):

Here is a great video to watch:

Here’s a few links if you fancy a read:



Any other big cloud etfs?

Any on free trade already?

Yes, two more big ones… check them out, ticker: SKYY and ARKK

SKYY: SKYY – Portfolio – First Trust Cloud Computing ETF | Morningstar

ARKK: ARKK – Portfolio – ARK Innovation ETF | Morningstar

Nope, none on Freetrade surprise, surprise :roll_eyes: probably THE most frustrating thing about Freetrade is the lack of ETFs. All of the interesting ETFs that we need now so we can make the most out of them just aren’t on the platform. They only have a single NASDAQ ETF for example… madness…

I’m hoping this changes quickly… I’ve had to invest in this (KLWD) ETF with a different platform because Freetrade don’t offer it (like 99% of all my ETF investments at the moment) :man_facepalming:


Guys please search these ETFs in community you’ll find the reason why they can’t be added…you won’t find them on any other UK platform. If you can find KiFid Document sick.


You cannot add these ETFs on any UK platform owing to existing EU regulations, nothing to do with Freetrade.

I’ve got WCLD in my H-L account (SIPP) so not sure where you get this info from?
According to the fact sheet it’s available in ISA, LISA, SIPP, and the fund and share account.

We have our wires crossed here, I was referring to ARKK and the like which lack KIDs (see HL screenshot):


Ah ok I understand now. Thanks. I’ve also just learned what a KID is - key information document!

I lent you a vote for the WisdomTree ETF… personally I think every one of their ETFs should be on here!


3% entry and exit charges for this ETF though, that seems very high to say the least

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Where does it say that?

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It says it on the KIID, but see the notes - it is not being applied. The management fee is 0.4%


That is just the intra fund fee rather than any actually applicable fee.

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All these ETFs other than ARKK are available on UK platforms. I already have £2k in the KLWD ETF I’m requesting but on a different platform (AJ Bell). Freetrade need to move quick to add these kind of growth ETFs. The reason cloud computing is a hot sector is because of covid-19. At some point, the window of opportunity will pass… this is why it’s essential they get these things onto the platform asap! Even the recent additions of stocks like Fastly, Appain, Elastic etc came too late, they’ve already grown well over 40% since March 2020. :roll_eyes:


Suffering FOMO with this one for sure… just looking at the growth of the holdings over the past week or month and we really can’t get on this ETF soon enough!! We’re already missing out!!! I hope this ETF is added this coming week @Viktor, its got 37 votes and counting in the megathread, please make it happen!! :pray:




I guess your prayers have been answered.

I just looked at this ETF and it’s amazing. Cloud computing is the future, so this ETF suits me to a t. Time to re-allocate my portfolio

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Yup, totally chuffed… I’ll be re-allocating and topping up with some funds into this tomorrow!! :grin: :+1:

The full list of holdings is


As of 25 Jun 2020

Name Country Code Weight
1. Fastly Inc - Class A FSLY US US 5.08 %
2. Zoom Video Communications-A ZM US US 3.67 %
3. Zscaler Inc ZS US US 2.95 %
4. Datadog Inc - Class A DDOG US US 2.83 %
5. Docusign Inc DOCU US US 2.73 %
6. Wix.Com Ltd WIX US IL 2.66 %
7. Twilio Inc - A TWLO UN US 2.53 %
8. Shopify Inc - Class A SHOP US CA 2.51 %
9. Crowdstrike Holdings Inc - A CRWD US US 2.50 %
10. Cloudflare Inc - Class A NET US US 2.46 %
11. Coupa Software Inc COUP UQ US 2.42 %
12. Avalara Inc AVLR US US 2.25 %
13. Okta Inc OKTA UQ US 2.20 %
14. Veeva Systems Inc-Class A VEEV US US 2.13 %
15. Five9 Inc FIVN US US 2.10 %
16. 2U Inc TWOU US US 2.09 %
17. PayPal Holdings Inc PYPL UQ US 2.08 %
18. Pagerduty Inc PD US US 1.98 %
19. Everbridge Inc EVBG US US 1.89 %
20. Box Inc - Class A BOX US US 1.86 %
21. Blackline Inc BL US US 1.85 %
22. Elastic Nv ESTC US US 1.84 %
23. Square Inc - A SQ US US 1.81 %
24. Atlassian Corp Plc-Class A TEAM US AU 1.78 %
25. Appfolio Inc APPF UQ US 1.74 %
26. Ringcentral Inc-Class A RNG UN US 1.71 %
27. Hubspot Inc HUBS US US 1.70 %
28. Workiva Inc WK US US 1.69 %
29. Adobe Inc ADBE US US 1.69 %
30. Domo Inc - Class B DOMO US US 1.69 %
31. New Relic Inc NEWR US US 1.68 %
32. ServiceNow Inc NOW UN US 1.67 %
33. Slack Technologies Inc- Cl A WORK US US 1.66 %
34. Tenable Holdings Inc TENB US US 1.63 %
35. Qualys Inc QLYS UQ US 1.62 %
36. Smartsheet Inc-Class A SMAR US US 1.59 %
37. Realpage Inc RP US US 1.54 %
38. Paycom Software Inc PAYC UN US 1.52 %
39. Paylocity Holding Corp PCTY US 1.49 %
40. Yext Inc YEXT US US 1.48 %
41. Q2 Holdings Inc QTWO US US 1.47 %
42. Workday Inc WDAY UQ US 1.45 %
43. Salesforce.com Inc CRM UN US 1.42 %
44. Dropbox Inc - Class A DBX US US 1.42 %
45. Zendesk Inc ZEN US US 1.41 %
46. Mimecast Ltd MIME US US 1.34 %
47. Pluralsight Inc - A PS US US 1.30 %
48. Medallia Inc MDLA US US 1.30 %
49. Proofpoint Inc PFPT UQ US 1.24 %
50. Zuora Inc - Class A ZUO US US 1.21 %
51. j2 Global Inc JCOM UQ US 1.06 %
52. Anaplan Inc PLAN US US 1.06 %

I put through an order for Fastly last night because I can’t just watch it go over $100 without benefiting from that growth. But this ETF might be better for me to balance against the risk of holding only one company.


This ETF does look fantastic. Gutted I only discovered it recently.

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