WisdomTree Physical Gold [PHAU/PHGP] 🌟

Don’t think this has been requested before, and seeing how we already have the small silver brother on the platform already, maybe this could be considered?


Hope you stay safe in this time and have a good Friday everyone :innocent:

Hi! There is a similar Physical Gold ETC from iShares on the platform. Search for β€œSGLN” in the app. Is that any good for you?

Details (iShares website)

I have some small investment in this one, curious to hear your thoughts on why the Wisdom Tree fund gets your vote?

Hi there and thanks for this input :slightly_smiling_face:

Basically, it’s for personal reasons. For once, I prefer to hold my investments with WisdomTree over iShares, and secondly, because I prefer the physical metal to be with HBSC rather than JPMorgan Chase.

Finally, I like the denomination of ~0.1 ounce per share from WisdomTree. :upside_down_face:


Interesting! Thanks for the insight :+1:

(I’ve voted for your request.)

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