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Add Workhorse WKHS and EV company for delivery opportunity…

Going up again.

Jack Spencer Investing reported today that a supposed leaked email reports the USPS decision will be before end of January 2021, so we may see a rally once the rumours begin to circulate

The video if anyone would like to see:

I am holding long. I think it has potential to go to 10b market cap within 5 years or so which should represent 300% or so.

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I thought they’d delayed until mid-2021??

I think it was delayed to first quarter 2021, but I read their financial quarters run Jan - Dec, which would mean between Jan-Mar 2021.

I maybe wrong though, fingers crossed sooner rather than later :slightly_smiling_face:

it was delayed until “by the end of Q2 of 2021”.

I think the confusion is they said it had been delayed to the federal government’s second fiscal quarter of 2021. That works out to the first calendar quarter (I.e. Jan - Mar)of 2021, as the feds fiscal year runs 1 Oct to 30 Sept.

Well theres another one down in the gutter. Dropped like a heavy droppy thing.

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Yep, shame as I definitely thought they were the best candidate in terms of design and eco credentials. But we live and learn :man_shrugging:t2: