Zero percent fees from brokers

Bigger brokers like IG are now charging zero commission for trades. How does this affect Freetrade

I think it’s only if you’ve made 3 trades in the previous months which costs £24-£30…

It might mean other brokers start to do something similar for their frequent traders to keep them there

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More importantly IG has a quarterly custody fee of 24 quid, less any commissions paid during said quarter. Meaning one will pay £96 a year or £8 a month whether one doesn’t execute any trades at all the whole year, or executes one UK share trade a month.

The fee covers both general, and ISA account together.

To compare like for like, freetrade’s general + ISA account with 12 instant UK trades are £48 a year, or £4 a month. Additional instant orders are cheaper, and one can do bulk orders for free thus potentially lowering cost to £36 a year with unlimited free bulk trades.

IG does have access to a few more exchanges though, so depending on the investor type it still might be useful for professional investors.


Thanks for responses. Look Forward to more shares being traded on free trade . I’m nowhere near professional but have been understanding how this works since I started with Freetrade.