£1000 to invest

It would very much depend on a lot of factors. Your attitude to risk, your aim in terms of return, length of time you want to invest, areas of interest or distaste can come into it.

Mostly though, I’d do some research in things like Yahoo Finance to see what stocks take my fancy and then favourite them to see how they go - get a feel for how it works before investing.

I can’t seem to find either of those on freetrade for some reason

All on Tesla! :crossed_fingers:


If it was my only investment, it wouldn’t go on individual shares, I’d pick ETFs or investment trusts.


Which is your preferred ETF?

Ye they’re not I thought this was stocks in general not bound to FT. I can’t even use FT in Ireland yet so no I wouldn’t really know if they do unless I see the (On :freetrade:) in the stock request. The Invesco one I made.

How long do you want to hold it for? Could try and back a growth stock in electric vehicles (Tesla) , lab meat (belong meat) clean energy or research pharma.

VWRL because it includes emerging markets.


12-18 months! Any suggestions? Obviously will do my own research!

Just to point out that investing should generally be done over at least five years.

I’d look at saving rather than investing if my window was 12-18 months.


Qualcomm, Alibaba mi favourite ones.

Thought this was hypothetical :joy: VRWL like @christopher mentioned or another world ETF like IWDA/SWDA forget which one is for you UK’ers. Good luck!

ISA wrap it if you can, it’s free of capital gains when you sell I believe. Others on here can inform you more about that if that’s what you’re doing

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I have a few grand in VWRL and plan to hold for 20 years

Sorry for my ignorance
Can I ask which stock is VRWL?
Thank you


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Thank you

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@toietmoi is that report say that it is a below average ETF to invest in?

Agree with Christopher that 12-18 months is too short a time horizon.

Say there is a market crash within that timeframe (which is certainly possible), will you still sell at a loss?

I’d always look at low cost Index Funds as an entry point to investing. Personally, I’d go with the S&P 500 iShares one with Freetrade and potentially the FTSE 100 one or worldwide one.

I don’t like to recommend individual stocks, but personally I like Berkshire Hathaway. It is not unlike an index fund given the diverse range of assets its owns - a great entry point to brands like Coca Cola and Apple without actually owning the stocks.


What are your thoughts of using Coca-Cola HBC (the bottler) as an entry point to coke? I know it’s not then but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper (it’s growing nicely though) and would it not be very closely linked to the actual coke stock?

Also keen to know what people’s thoughts are on the coke share itself!