£1000 to invest

What are your thoughts of using Coca-Cola HBC (the bottler) as an entry point to coke? I know it’s not then but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper (it’s growing nicely though) and would it not be very closely linked to the actual coke stock?

Also keen to know what people’s thoughts are on the coke share itself!

I own 5 just went ex-div💃🏽

A single share… perhaps Shell (RDSB).

Otherwise probably VUSA (S&P 500) or VWRL (FTSE All World)

I just bought a couple of shares in these guys. Take a look at their website and you can see they’re putting an emphasis on being environmentally friendly going forward. This, combined with how closely they’re tied to the giant that is Coca Cola, has made me see them as a great option.


They look a great buy. Will do some more research into them before the next investment