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Genome sequencing. The guy who runs it used to be with 23 and Me.

Softbank (!) and Fidelity invested.

CNBC: “10X Genomics Inc. 10X Genomics, Inc. is a United States-based company that offers products that deliver genomic data. The Company’s solutions include Gene Expression Profiling, Gene Expression CRISPR Screening, Immune Profiling, Immune Profiling and Cell Surface Protein, Immune Profiling and Antigen Specificity, Chromatin Accessibility, Spatial Gene Expression Profiling and Copy Number Variation.”

Biotech start-up 10x Genomics surged as much as 49% in its market debut Thursday. The stock opened trading at $54 and rose as high as $58 per share midday before closing at $53.

The company, which provides scientists gene sequencing technologies to help cure chronic diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, priced its 9 million shares Wednesday night at $39 per share, above the expected range of $31 and $35.

The stock is among the top 25 IPO debut performances year to date.

10x Genomics is backed by investors like Softbank, Fidelity and Meritech Capital partners, among others.

Started at 54 and rose to 58. 49% growth?

49% growth from ipo price at 39


I love it when people put “10x” in the company name. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’d personally opt for 11x :crazy_face:

11 is better than 10, right?

12x any one?

To publicly state the upper level of your ambition in your company name seems weird to me.

Just Sayin


Up 7.8% today so far

(Chart - since the IPO)

I wonder how much the post-IPO price is based on hype as like space travel, genomics is a sexy thing, and people are piling in on it in the hope for big returns.

To put it in perspective:

I know it’s not a fair comparison, 23 and me was aimed at the retail market and always felt very gimmicky, whilst 10x genomics is aimed at scientist with a proposition that sounds more valuable

Great company to invest in, have almost complete market share for single cell genomics, would love to see this added