24 year old Wharton School grad who just became an overnight billionaire

He’s son of Sino Biopharmaceutical executive directors Tse Ping and Cheung Ling Cheng, and his billionaire status was secured after his parents issued him about a fifth of the Hong Kong-based company’s share capital this week, gratis. The stake has an estimated value of more than $3.8 billion .

Nice work if you can get it

Step 1: Have billionaire parents. :man_facepalming:


Arghh so that’s where I’ve gone wrong! :wink: Jesting aside, the blog post title is pure click bait, the kid was rich for a very long time. Wharton isn’t cheap. Anyhow. We will all get there one day :crossed_fingers:

This world is just not right.

With a bit more saving he could just about buy a flat in Zone 1.