£25,000 Order limit

I don’t understand why Trades (Sales specifically) are limited to a maximum of £25,000. this is the only broker in either the UK or USA i know of that does this?

using $GME as an example if you bought 100 shares at 40 ($4000) and the price then those rose to the Gamma squeeze price of $400 ($40,000) you would’ve had to made two individual trades to sell at a profit, potentially missing the maximum value which would’ve been one simple click of a button.

This UI is ground breaking, easy and intuitive, clearly attracting a wider userbase to the industry of finance and investing. If something like the MOASS was to happen I don’t understand why or the reasoning behind hindering traders using this platform by limiting the amount they are able to sell per trade. In my opinion because none of the stocks you currently have on the books being anywhere near the max value is in my opinion not a good enough answer.

It could be a once in a life time opportunity IF it was to happen but the fact this is currently in place makes me every day nervous to remain on this platform.

Example: 10 Shares
$10,000 - 4 Trades
$100,000 - 40 Trades
$1,000,000 - 400 Trades

Hypothetically how is it fair that you’d have to place 400! trades to get out of your position if it was to reach that high, when on other brokers you’d have only have to do 1.

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