Increase £25K Order Cap

Hi Team,

Is it possible to increase this limit substantially please and also allow us to place more than 2 limit orders at a time?

If there are costs involved isn’t this something that can be passed down to the customer for them to agree to and pay at the point of order?



This is quickly becoming an issue as there are some of us that cannot place enough of a/enough orders to fully exit a position in one go.


This 25K cap is too restrictive as I have to setup 2 triggered orders and even then I can’t fully exit a position.
The limit order only allows 200% of current price as well so I can’t really take advantage of those 2 allowances I have either.


Would be great if we can get an official response to this.

If we cannot exit out positions due to app limitations can we ask Freetrade to place orders for us? Degiro offers this as option, I can email support and they will place an orders for me.