2FA security

Hi there, I am a user and investor and I love Freetrade. I recently heard about a Robinhood hack, and I am concerned. Could you please make it a top priority to implement 2FA security protection in the app? Hugely appreciated, keep it up!!!


I heard the same and was slightly worried.

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Don’t be worried

Welcome to the community, use the search function, and add your vote to the link above - plenty of discussion already about it!


There’s already a response from Freetrade on the thread about this.

You don’t need to worry, money can only move to your linked bank account. Your Freetrade account is effectively coupled to the 2FA on your email anyway.


[quote="[Feature] Two factor authentication, post:10, topic:25582"]
ll be totally transparent and say

I already did. Thanks for this. I get that we should have 2FA enabled in our basic email account, but I think it is a no brainer to have an additional 2FA specifically for loging into FT. I am hoping this will be implemented asap!

Thanks for the reply, ok that is definitely good starting point, I am hoping we could have a specific 2FA related to logging into FT soon too!

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