3M share price

The 3m share price on FT is showing at about $437. Whilst I’d love this to be true, I think it’s a mistype somewhere. Can it be fixed please?


It’s been on and off my watch list for a while, so yes that should be showing $137

Same is happening/ shown in my account. Shot through the roof 200%

I’m sure they will fix it on Monday. Shame it’s not the true figure though! I’d really like profit like that :joy::joy:

I know right haha I would be up 210%

Mine too- wish it was true!

All sorted now. For a while I lived the dream :joy:

Probably what happened is someone exercised an option out of hours, and it’s a genuine buy or sell, but not part of normal trading. I’ve seen this happen several times, and it resets as soon as the market opens.