450 brand new stocks 🚀 7th OCTOBER 20

Can you add LCPN, AVDL,AVCO & AIM please?

Any chance of getting Black Iron on there? Great Iron Ore company, listed in Toronto and Frankfurt.

Not yet. Neither of these exchanges is supported yet.

I’ve just started using Freetrade, I can’t see Jadestone Energy in any of the lists on the app. Could you confirm that it is available and if so how do I locate it?

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Good question, it should be there but it’s not. @Freetrade_Team?

There was a specific technical issue when we added it. Thanks for raising this issue and we’ll make sure it’s there shortly.

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Hi Viktor - is the next stock addition on the horizon? Thanks.

Good morning Viktor, could you give me a rough idea of the timescale for this? I’m quite keen to invest :grin: