4th round?

(James White) #1

Hi I’m sadly a little (very late thanks @alex.s for letting me know :slight_smile:) late to the party but wondered if there are plans for a fourth round of crowdfunding/investment? Would like to support the platform and have some potential to profit from $$$ / get involved in a great and much needed idea.

(Ben #88) #2

Couldn’t agree more, I would love to invest! Since finding out about Freetrade and using it, it’s a great concept and I’d like to put my money where my mouth is with it.

(Ciarán) #3

Current investors don’t want another raise, no dilution awash thanks lol

(James White) #4

Freetrade defiantly need more Android developers so they could do with another round :smiley: !!

(Dave Smith) #5

There should only be another round if there’s a definite plan to use the money for growth, for example to speed up expansion into Europe or something.

(Chris) #6

Would be cool to see our investment in the app as part of our portfolio.

(Ben #88) #7

That would be very nice!

(Ciarán) #8

Yes that IPO is ten years away touch wood. Buying Freetrade on Freetrade…

(Chris) #9

Not even thinking about IPO. Just like the idea of it being visible in the app.
Love thee thought of buying Freetrade in the app though.

(Denislav) #10

The general idea I have gotten is that they are not planning for a fourth round at the moment. However, things can change. As @Dave said,

I would definitely take the chance if we ever get a fourth round, mainly so I can get the socks really :smiley: :joy: :socks: