4th round?

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The fact no staff have liked your post means it must be :grin:

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Woo! End of Q1 probably out of the question then but great to see them working on it!


I am relatively new to Crowdfunding. Can someone quickly explain to me how to get early access to support Freetrade (assuming there will be another round end of Q1)?
Do they send us (members) an email with a link or is there a specific Crowdfunding website where I can sign up and get notified? I have never participated in Crowdfunding and this is the first time I feel to support something I believe in. … :sunglasses:


Best to just keep an eye on this forum

They previously raised through crowdcube so maybe sign up with their emails?

Fingers crossed for Q1 but wouldn’t hold your breath!


A good point I need a profile there. Is it like an ebay auction where you need to be fast ? Also can you still participate with a small budget ? Sorry if I have very basic questions… Just got myself some articles on Crowdfunding and its very diverse and there is no “this is how it works in most cases”. Thanks again for the help here.


It probably will go fast so be worthwhile getting on as soon as you can

You can usually invest from £10

Have a look at the risks associated with crowdfunding, I’m sure Freetrade have produced stuff

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Thanks @neovo I am just doing that ! I am aware of the risks more or less. I am no expert in Crowdfunding but I think the basic idea is to support people and a project you believe in. This is for me primarily about support and community and money comes second.

… hmm thats probably not a good risk profile for me as an investor hahah…

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Ha- good luck :+1:I’m also eagerly awaiting to the next raise

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Really keen to invest though - so do we know when the funding round is likely to be?


Probably when the Android app is already out but that’s just my guess. Keep an eye on this forum. :writing_hand:

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Will the 4th round be eligible for EIS?

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I’ve got money sitting in my account just waiting for this. Please Freetrade let’s get the round going :+1:

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Now that it’s been announced that your doing the next crowd funding round on the 25/4/19.Is their anything we need to do if we want to invest in the 4th round.

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Not yet but we’ll be sharing more details about the round shortly.

You’ll get all the updates here :newspaper_roll:

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What sort of perks are offered for participating in crowd funding? I know with Monzo for example you get an Investor card and app icon (I know theyre only small but its something of an instant return at least).

Is there anything similar for Freetrade investors? If you can’t say, what have the past ones looked like?

Regardless of whether any perks are given or not, I can’t wait to be able to invest in my second fintech :slight_smile:

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We’re not sharing any more details about this next round right now (sorry) but these were the rewards in the previous rounds -

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Thanks Alex :slight_smile: That was what I was looking for!

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Does anyone have a view on whether the benefits will impact EIS eligibility? Crowdcube states ‘Rewards with monetary value over £1000 can affect the amount of EIS you may be able to claim.’

I can’t remember how much Alpha costs but if you held shares for 10+ years it would probably be over this value?