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question regarding 5G and a couple specific companies.

So i was on a flight past few yrs and bought the expensive data to stream the England game and it was impossible. I like to trade by predicting the future and it is very clear in flight 5G is going to happen and improve things fairly soon… i believe. So which companies do we think will take off.

Im looking at these two stocks currently and have added them on twitter

https://www.telit.com/ [272m£ cap]
Gilat Satellite Networks » In-Flight Connectivity [400m$ cap]

now i have only skimmed through these two and im sure ther are others . I guess my question is

1 how much competition is there and is it too much?
2. Are these two companies in competition?
3. Which competitors do you believe to be the best in 5G?



Just to be clear, do you mean in-flight WiFi?

5G wouldn’t reach from ground stations even in domestic flights, so I assume you mean in-flight WiFi using satellite?


With you on the technicalities here :wink:

But let’s go for internet connectivity services within aeroplanes…

It’d be interesting if someone calculated the numbers… cost of service * estimated number of users per year etc…

I guess it would make sense that this becomes viable, are companies providing the service already profitable?

I’ve flown quite a lot, and I agree at the moment the service is terrible, I also struggle to see ‘a lot’ of people using the service when everyone is trying to fly as cheaply as possible…

There may be something in regards to moving planes to a permanent connectivity state themselves - but if this is even possible I guess there’s a load of red tape that will take time to get through due to risk

Interesting question!

The red tape shouldn’t be an issue because many planes offer WiFi to all cabin classes. The struggle is real for many as it’s often prioritised for those in First or Business. :joy:

Personally, I just tell my work I’m out of contact for the time, they can’t argue since I’m travelling for them.

Include Ubiquiti UBNT in your sights. While they don’t have a focus on travel, I know a few people who worked on projects for plane connectivity with them. Sadly nothing official to shout about yet but the company make amazing hardware that is well suited for planes.

$GOGO popped laat week, they do plane internet specifically.


I was referring to the plane and pilots use of data - but turns out you’re right either way and I’m living in the past thinking satélite communication is not reliable enough

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Have a look at this company. They are building a satellite network and have working technology where existing mobile phones will be able to seamlessly transfer from mobile networks to satellite networks and will get the internet connectivity on existing devices.

It looks very promising that you don’t need any additional hardware to provide internet connectivity on ships, planes and remote areas.

On a side note - AST space mobile is going to be publicly listed on nasdaq via a reverse merger with NPA SPAC. The deal is announced and merger is expected to close in Q1.

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thanks for all the brilliant replies, it helped a lot and il continue to research.
great community, intelligent and respectful

Tony x

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Nice ETF is this 5g space Digital Infrastructure and Connectivity UCITS ETF - DIGI (USD) & awesome ticker PIGI (GBP)

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