64% In my first 12 Months on Freetrade

Hello All

28th Of feb is the end of my first year on freetrade and I have achieved far higher than I could of expected would mean a lot if you could check out my video and give a like and sub. Thank you Freetrade team.


Enjoying your videos mate, looking forward to seeing your portfolio grow and what strategies you’ll implement going forward. Big fan of your current picks and your reasoning behind them :ok_hand:t3:


I really enjoy your videos Aaron.

You made more than twice of what the S&P 500 would have returned for you.

I’m taking notes. :slight_smile:

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I am up 150%. I was expecting gains of 5/6% a year, if I was making good decisions.
My only let down is Sirius minerals, but I went in on this at the begining of the year as a bit of a gamble, they weren’t even in production.


Doesn’t sound like they’ll ever be!

Sorry to be nosey - who are your main gains?


Games workshops 56%
Centamin 73%

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That’s amazing.

Other than GAW and Centamin, what other good decisions did you make?

Sorry if it’s asking for too much info. Just trying to learn.

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On free trade I have Morgan advance which did relatively well too.
I also hold stock in AMD and I was temporarily on the Tesla hype train.

There are many decisions to make when buying a stock, for long term I value dividend payments.
Short term purchases are based of hype and social activity, such as Tesla, which is massively overvalued, they have huge debt and they don’t sell enough yet.

I also believe in holding a few strong positions that you can track, I’m not too sure a out these individuals that purchase every stock they can find.