75 brand new stocks and ETFs — 8th Dec 2020

You guys complaining understand a stocking filler comes before the main presents at Christmas right? Be patient and you will be rewarded.


Stock universe Google Sheet and Stocks to invest in - 6,000+ US, UK and European stocks to buy not updated with these 75, no? Or am I missing something?

Does anyone know why these 2 exist simultaneously?
The IE is newer (issue date 22/05/2020) and domiciled in Ireland, the other in Jersey (issue date in 2011). Does the domicile have a tax impact in UK in a taxable account? It does in e.g. Belgium where there’s a difference if the domicile is inside (Ireland) or outside (Jersey?) the EEA.

The newer IE version also has a expense ratio of 0.43% (0.15% base, 0.28% FX hedge fee) vs 0.69% (0.29% base, 0.4% FX hedge fee)

I’m assuming the IE version is just a more efficient version, similar to how other ETFs have been lowering their fees because of increased competition?

Hopefully the national declaration stocks for Christmas fingers crossed

The technology doesn’t exist yet to add the new stocks and update the list on the same day. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is still free to trade though :man_shrugging: They need revenue streams in order to provide this FREE service and that’s where plus comes in.

They’ve been honest about stocks moving to plus since September…


Free as in unrestricted? Freedom of movement? Freemium…

If they didn’t have a revenue option, it couldn’t remain free for long.


Is it just since I’ve sold my stock in Mercia (therefore to buy again I would need Plus), or have they just recently been moved from free universe to Plus universe only?

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Last AMA provides some background thinking.

This has been extensively discussed on the forum already

The division between Free tier and Plus tier is simple



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Yeah, that caught my eye as well. Just another troll lashing out before flouncing off.

I’m fairly certain some of these guys don’t have an account with Freetrade, like the one who went on and on about his available balance disappearing, then said it was due to a margin call :rofl:. There was another last night leaving because of the FX issue and going to a competitor who also had the FX issue, he even left his referral link on a couple of posts before they were deleted.


You sound like an advert…

You also seem to misunderstand the product, I’d suggest reading the links given by other members and the AMA.

They were, ages ago. If you use Freetrade you will have seen this information.


You will normally be required to put in an official complaint to Freetrade in the first instance to allow them sufficient time to investigate your complaint and give you a response. Then if you are not satisfied with the response you can escalate your complaint.

I’m not sure where you believe there was a data protection breach… that’s also a different process

As I said you need to formally complain to Freetrade first. They have 8 weeks to investigate your complaint and give you a formal response. Then if you are unsatisfied with the response you can escalate that to the financial services ombudsman, NOT the FCA.

The FCA also do not deal with data protection issues that’s the ICO and has it’s own process.

But as you are a Freetrade user you will have received the information about plus and the changes in the stock universe with plenty of time, it’s unlikely your complaint would go further than Freetrade as a result.


I hold stocks impacted by Plus. I was told in-app on 23rd November.

Umm, what? None of the people who are chatting here are FT employees.

Edit: If you’re confused, it’s because the post I’m replying to has been deleted by the looks, but this was a direct quote from it. Just FYI.

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You seem unaware of the rules. The ombudsman is unlikely to take any case where you’ve not first tried to resolve it with the company.

I’m not making it up, it’s basic practice for financial firms

I’m not sure why you feel your need legal advice for a simple complaint… but I’m sure they’ll be happy to take your money


I hadn’t realised they had put it up already

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