Ability to disable investment tip notifications

Add the ability to disable investment tip notifications.

:joy: in response to the payday notification?

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I noticed that one today. Not interesting for me. The ability to edit what type of notifications we get would be better than just disabling investment tips.

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Yeah. I don’t want investment tips from a stock broker.

Good point

Yes please give customers the ability to choose the notifications they want to receive.

Isn’t this questionable from an execution only broker?

When I got the notification I assumed it was for a new feature like topping up automatically on payday, not just a random tip, and was then disappointed when I opened it. I’d prefer not to receive tips


Yeah, me too.

lol true if they’re saying that as a tip it’d be nice if they add a feature that makes it seamless/automatic. It’s actually a feature that would be really cool to have.

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I quite like the idea of tip notifications - especially if they’re not every day and could be tied into some sort of knowledge centre/glossary.

“Confused about Limit Orders - read our guide”, “What’s a bear market? We explain”

That kind of thing would be really handy for noobs (like me) but of course, there needs to be a notification options setting in the app to choose which notifications people want to receive.


Hi :wave: Thanks for the feedback! :pray: You can message us in-app and we can stop sending all marketing notifications including new stock announcements. There is currently no way to disable just investment tip notifications. It’s something we’ll work in the future though.

Investment platforms shouldn’t be giving investment tips - especially if there was no prior assent to this type of communication.

Hope it gets remedied.

You mean to say you don’t like unsolicited investment tips? haha, me neither mate.