Please stop the spammy notifications

Another notification popped up on my iphone lockscreen today, ‘Get a free share’.

I really don’t want this waking up my phone. I just want important info - trades, money in/out, dividends maybe. But not spam. Sorry.

Next time I turn off notifications for the app.

We’re actively discussing how people should be able to customise their notifications. We’re still a relatively small team, so it might take a bit to design and implement it.

In any case, right now, I personally think the right approach for you is not to get free shares at all, as they don’t seem like something you want. If you could DM me your email, I’ll make sure you are not bothered again.


I do want free shares, I tell everyone I know who’s into investing about freetrade and ask them to sign up.

I don’t NEED spammy notifications telling me to do it. Not wanting my day interrupted and not wanting to support freetrade are completely different things.


Sorry I don’t understand the issue here. On one hand you want the free share referral link and on the other hand you dont want any notification. Without notification how would you know that you have got a new referral link ? The only other way for you to know if you got a new link would be to keep checking every day and in case you missed it then the link is lost as it will be replaced by other link…


Maybe he just checks on the app when he actually has some one to refer?


We obviously have different approaches here. I don’t get a link and then go out to find someone who might want to be referred - I have a convo with someone, suggest they might benefit from freetrade and then expect to go into the app to pick up a link to send to them.


Fair point. My approach is little bit different as previously I was in situation where few of my friends wanted to join Freetrade so keeping track of all the links helped me…

Hi all – we do realise that people will have different preferences on how to access and share these, so we’ll try to figure out the best way for a more personalised way to manage them in future.

In the meantime, thanks for sharing them and stay tuned :tickets:

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I really appreciate the notification so please keep it, thanks.


You’re a founding member! Please put up with the notifications whilst FT looks to increase its user base. The small annoyance will be worth it in the long run. Trust me.


Freetrade is a business who needs to comply with customer requests for not receiving marketing messages. They will not go bust because they don’t send them to a few people who don’t want them.

To be fair, I would be less likely to recommend Freetrade with “spammy” notifications being sent so it can hurt their growth if targeted wrong.


We shouldn’t have this specific use case you are referring here as “Freeshare referral” notification is applicable only for FT investors so it is very unlikely that new users would have invested into FT crowdfunding without knowing about FT and no account with FT.


Again, having read your comment and that of @DaveTMG previously, I suggest we remove your accounts from the group of free share testers for now.

I do agree on how personal the preferences are for notifications, and we will add more control for the handful of notifications we ever send. Bear with us, we’re still a small team.

You get your free share invite about once a week, and not at a consistent time. So, I find calling a heads-up about your free share as “spammy” strong to be honest. We put our resources into developing and improving free shares, so our community gets value, not advertising companies.

Yes, we’d like you to know when you earn one, especially as future iterations may delete the invite over time if unused, as we don’t want it to clutter your screen and your life if it’s not useful to you.

I do think not being in the tester group is the best solution here for the time being. Sounds fair? Please DM me.


Still want a down vote.


I complete agree with this suggestion as a whole( not specific to this discussion).
@Justin, as this is your original idea, would you be so kind to create a new poll ?

Is once a week free share referral notification spammy?

  • Yes
  • No

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Quit flagging my post as spam lol. Unless it’s the mod, then ok.

I want down vote.

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any reason you can’t just turn notifications off for the app?

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Because he wants the notifications that relate to his usage of the app, such as transfer updates, dividends etc. He just doesn’t want marketing notifications. This seems to be a problem with a lot of apps, either all or nothing. No separation between those that are functionally central to the use of the app vs those that are marketing related.


Freetrade team

+1 for Push Notifications Preferences feature

I love you guys and the app but please I need to be able to opt out of marketing messages as it’s a little too frequent for my liking.

I don’t mind if you introduce marketing messages within the app.

For the time being, is there a way to email and opt out of marketing messages please?