'Your US shares will be sold' - scary message

I just got this push notification, did my w8ben a couple of weeks back.

Clicking on it took me nowhere and no mention on app. Anyone know why?


I just came here to ask the same. Got the notification and email, but no way to update in-app, the option isn’t there.

What gives?


Got the same thing - bit confused. There is nowhere in my profile settings to go as instructed by the notification

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Yeah I had the same, I think this has been sent to the wrong group of users / everyone, even if they’ve completed it already. Not good.


Got me quite flustered, I have to say. How long until we get a FT comment?

Anyone raised a ticket in-app?


Same here. It’s confusing.

Same here, fairly certain I did it already and the option isn’t there. Bit rubbish communication, should say a date as to when the shares would be sold.

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Same - I have just raised it with customer service

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Same, completed form several weeks ago. Replied to the email saying as much.

I just raised a ticket but I don’t think I qualify for the VIP service so no doubt my ticket won’t get looked at until next week at the earliest. Of course, if FT staff were here more frequently we could just ping them…

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Came here for the same thing, there’s no option to do a declaration in the app! I can’t remember if I completed one or not.

Just had this as well but also did it a few weeks ago

What on earth are freetrade thinking sending out an alarmist message like that?

My own broker, threatening to sell my shares if I don’t immediately sign a new W-8BEN? Never seen that in many years of investing across many brokers.

And then I go to sign it, and there’s not even an option anyway to sign it on my account screen? Really unprofessional.

And for goodness sake just make the W-8BEN auto renew each year like basically every other broker in UK.

Pretty embarrassing stuff.


Same here. Just received the message, which I found pretty blunt tbh, indicating that I needed to fill out the form immediately or my US shares will be sold. Like others here, I filled out the form last month, but remember at the time getting no acknowledgement, which I would’ve expected.

Been on intercom and was told a message had been sent out in error to a number of clients this morning, and ‘if I had filled out my W8-Ben then my shares wouldn’t be sold’. I note they didn’t confirm whether they’d actually got my newly completed form or not, so I’ve asked for confirmation. I also advised if they did sell my shares, I would leave FT immediately.

All in all, not a great PR exercise by FT, it would seem.

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Yeah this is my problem. I’ve been busy. I can’t remember if I filled it in or not and there doesn’t seem to be any confirmation.


Exactly. I’m 99% certain I filled mine, but I also look after a parent’s a/c too. As you say, people lead busy lives and the onus should be on FT to check these details and get it right before sending out these sort of threatening messages.

I got that, but got a message in app saying it’s a error and they are aware of it

I get that message now as well but there’s no way of confirming whether I completed it or not. Guess I will have to add to the FT customer service queue…

Clearly a mistake by Freetrade, and I am sure they will follow up to confirm this was an error. Mistakes happen in business and in life, everyone makes them and on the basis you have signed the form there is nothing to be worried about.

The person that sent this by mistake is probably more worried than we are at this present time! On the flip side, I can almost guarantee they won’t make this same mistake again.

Also - for those that haven’t signed the document in a timely manner and are meant to be the recepients of that email, it’s likely Freetrade would legally need to sell their shares, hence the tone of the copy.


Had a further reply on intercom from them now, confirming I had signed and returned my form as I thought.

They go on to say ‘we understand this was a critical error and are urgently investigating it’…

I would say, no need to panic for those of you who aren’t able to get on intercom, your shares will not be sold.

However, a huge own goal from FT, especially with a proven outfit like CMC just coming into the U.K. last month offering a similar commission-free product and looking to offer an ISA shortly.

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