Opt out of Freetrade notifications

Hi, been a user for about 6 months or so and there has been a marked increase in notifications cross selling services from Freetrade. It’s getting very bothersome after the same message keeps being displayed. Can you add an opt out on the account settings please.

Are you talking about app notifications? Just turn them off in your app settings on your phone as you would for any app?

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Not sure this will get many votes. I can’t say that Ive noticed excessive notifications.


These are the continued pop up messages appearing almost every time I log in. They are pretty much every couple of days now and it’s getting irritating being pressure sold the same pension ISA when I’m clearly not interested as continually pressing the thumbs down icon.

Youre clearly not Freetrade’s target user group then as I’m getting loads. I think the constant cross selling (in app) will turn users off. I’m already looking at other services.

I log in like once a month and I would say i have like 3 notifications each time. What I’ve also noticed is that there’s pretty much always an exact duplicate, which I assume is a bug with the system.

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Must admit I keep getting the SIPP message and its annoying. Everytime it pops up I click the thumbs down in the hope that it will stop. You can have a vote from me!

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Are you a PLUS/SIPP user?

No, just a basic user (ISA)